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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road Trip Woes

We survived! After a grueling 25 hours of driving over 2 days we are all home. I didn't ditch anyone at a truck stop. I didn't jump out of a moving vehicle. I didn't even slit my throat. I should win a prize or something after taking a 2 week "vacation" with 3 little children. Spending time with family and friends was wonderful. We had a great time playing with cousins, tubing down the virgin River, boating, camping, and walking through Zion National Park. But the 4 days of driving to get there and back was grueling! I totally need a vacation from this vacation! I'm pretty sure my 21 month old son created a new form of torture. We slept with him in our room for 14 days straight and little did we sleep. He was WIDE awake and I discovered the literal meaning of "bouncing off the walls". The kid didn't stop- he was crazy. Completely nuts. I apologize to the people trying to sleep next to us at the hotel. I was waiting for the phone call at 3 am to kick us out. Not even Jack Bauer could have broken this kid. Our drive was eventful to say the least. Starting out with a waterfall of puke. For a child who doesn't eat, he had plenty to share with the entire car. So just imagine driving through the 115 degree desert with a lingering smell of vomit, only to get stuck on a closed highway because of a flashflood. No gas so we had to turn the car off which also means no ac. We could see the gas station and the restrooms, but couldn't do nothin' about it. But watch. And squirm. And sweat. And smell interesting smells. Do you get the picture? I just want to make sure you get an accurate idea of this road trip so if there is award for surviving road trips, I will win. To top it off, on day 2 of coming home my other daughter started getting sick. Because one sicky isn't enough in our family. We like to do it in bulk! I can't imagine where my child got sick from? It couldn't be from licking this at Zion National Park could it?

The few things that saved me from laying my body across a train track waiting for the light, were the coconut icecream bars at a Route 66 truck stop in New Mexico. Finding 43 different State liscense plates. Seeing funny businesses like "It'll Do Motel" located next to the "Nuttin Fancy Cafe" just up the road from "Jesus is Lord Travel & Souvenier Shop". We lost our stomachs, we lost our sense of smell, we lost ALOT of sleep, but we did NOT lose our sense of humor this trip. Will we ever do this again? I don't know, ask me after I take this Rufie.

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