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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

awesome gram

I've mentioned earlier that I'm just figuring out instagram and it's awesome!  Love love love that I have access to photos I'll actually use.  Because, regular phone pics pretty much just stay in my phone and I do nothing with them.  But instagram photos suddenly become hip photos.  And I instantly feel like a rock star.  I upload them to flickr or shutterfly or wherever and can print them.  Here's another app though thats really fun- postagram.  Take a photo and make it a postcard, send it when your on vacation to those you're missing, birthdays, weddings, a trip to the zoo.  Grandparents will love it.  Heck I'd love to receive anything that's not a bill in the mail!

Here's a photo that my new SIL's (she's the cutie in a white dress) brother took of their wedding day and sent me a postagram of them cutting the cake.  I'm not sure if you can tell but you simply pop out the 3x3 photo and keep.  Its printed on pretty good quality paper.  Sturdy!


 Postagram is a free app and the first 5 postcards are free! After that, only $0.99 to ship! I'm excited thinking of the fun I could have. You know those awkward moments you have with friends? The white elephant party with someone opening a box with a live rat? (Um yeah, those are the kind of friends I have!) Get your phone camera ready and catch their surprised face, you'll still be laughing a week later when the postcard arrives in the mail!

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