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Friday, July 27, 2012

Metallic silver dresser

My sister Renee had a great idea for a wedding gift for my brother.  What newly wed has too much furniture? Um, none!  So with the help of my parents- (we live about 15 states away from my parents/ brother/ new SIL) they found a dresser from someone local and when she came up for the wedding she got to work on it.  You'll have to excuse the phone photography.  Not our best work- but it's how we roll!

 Not too shabby eh? If you like the really distressed look it would be fine just like this. I'm dying over the price tag. $10. Insane right? Wish I could score some awesome deals that didn't require Craigslist creepies- going to treacherous basement apartments with creepy guys smoking something questionable and haggling a price for something that doesn't even resemble the posted picture. Eww. Not worth it. My parents just happened to stumble upon this find and had a very nice experience. No questionable smells either. Win win peeps! But now for the after pictures. If you're impatient like me, you've already scrolled down to the after pictures and aren't even bothering to read my boring post.... impatient society. "That's the problem with kids these day!" (insert grandma shaking fist in air)


So cute right?  I wanna get married again and have a beautiful wedding again (but really- I would just like to fit in my original wedding dress again!)  and then have an awesome sister paint me a dresser and make it look all gorgeous!  Ooh and while I'm at it, I want all new fun house-y stuff.  Change everything and be like super hip again.  Cause after 15yrs the hunter green and maroon towels I registered for aren't so hip.  Lets face it, the classic winnie the pooh dishes were never hip.  (Me like winnie the pooh?  Never!)

So because I don't really think you need another tute on furniture painting I'll just tell you the basics.  They first painted the dresser black, then painted it metallic grey.  Then did the stencil and then distressed it with sand paper.  See how the black shows through after they sanded it a bit?

 Did you see the paper lined drawers? They went all out!  Gorgeous!  Absolutely love it right down to the cute little glass knobs!  I may just steal it.  Good thing I live so far away or I would've already!

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  1. So cute! I love the mixture of sophisticated metallic with the distressed and grainy rustic. The glass knobs and lined drawers are icing on the cake! I'm visiting from MMS - Furniture Feature Friday.

  2. Beautiful and gracious piece.Did you "freehand" the lovely swirling design on the front? Too beautiful and impressive!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

  3. Wow, what an awesome gift! A great score for $10 and a beautiful and unique makeover. What a lucky brother and SIL. Were they totally surprised? Did they love it? (I'm assuming yes because, come on, look at it.)

  4. Your dresser is inspiring me to think outside the box with my new little dresser project. I just want to paint it white so bad I'm shaking....

  5. This is so much more than cute - it's beautiful - love it!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you drop by and follow back when you can :)