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Monday, July 16, 2012

i movie love

I'm obsessed with cool home videos.  Not the 20 minute- watch the kid open his birthday gifts kind of videos.  I want the fun, fast paced, glimpse of everyday life, but sped up with a pop-ish song, home video.  After all, we slave away trying to make our children's vacations, birthdays, Christmas, summers amazing and by the end we are so exhausted it was hard to remember what we even did!  That's where iPhones, iPads and iMovies come in.  I take really fast videos.  (Under a minute are the easiest to edit, I prefer 30 seconds.)  Add some instagram photos- (cuz i love me some instagram) and then add a fun song.  The twangier the better!  I find the length of one song is the best length for a video.  We're such a fast paced world so why not fast paced home videos?  Upload them to and voila!  You can share them with friends and family.  Just try it- you'll instantly love it.  I even made this one below all on my iPhone.  No fancy iPad or mac.  No need to be upset during long waits at the dr office or carpool.  You can make a movie while you wait!  *Helpful hint: Vimeo and youtube would only allow me to upload videos that had music that weren't altered (shortened on my video) AND they had to be downloaded from my iTunes account to show authenticity.  Maybe someone knows a work around this, but I tried.  Using iTunes and iMovie together were the only way I could upload to Facebook, vimeo and youtube.  Let me know if you found a way to use music other than from iTunes.

Here's what my first week of summer vacation looked like with my little sister: As you can see, we were over run with kids, kids, kids!

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  1. Oh my goodness. How adorable is that! LOVE IT!