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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glimpse of normal life

My life has been a complete whirlwind and I'm searching for some normalcy right about now. We just got back from a month long vacay and I'm dying to get into a routine. I'm anxious for some sort of summer productivity, organization, anything but living out of a suitcase or digging through unpacked boxes to find something. We moved a little over a month ago. With only 25 days to find a home and close on it and move in. Honestly, 24 hours before the movers came to load up the truck I wasn't even sure where they were going to take it! Packing all those boxes made me want to strike a match and watch them all burn (thanks Taylor swift song lyrics- totally in my head now) just so I didn't have to unpack them all! But we survived. Just barely. Stomach flu and all. I can finally laugh about my husband and I having the stomach flu while the furniture was being taken away. It was lovely. I wouldn't have survived without my friends and family whe risked their lives walking into our germ fest. Haha!

 So I look around my new home anxious to find some peace and calm. Trying not to focus on all the new projects at hand but instead find happiness in my few areas that don't look so bad. And with that- here is a little glimpse of my happiness right now.  (aka:  Instagram is also my new happiness.  I still don't have my computer up so I'm typing this on my phone and using phone pics.)

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  1. I am so happy ray of sunshine is back home. This place is very sad when you are gone. I love the front entry rug. So cute. I have no doubts you will put your special touches on the place very soon. It is a gorgeous home. Love ya friend. Dana.

  2. Hey I just wanted to tell you you won the birthday banner give-away! Congrats. Get me your address at sepphotography at gmail dot com and the lady who makes them will send it to you.

    Looks like it will go great in your new home...looks like a beautiful one!

    Love, Shawni (71toes)