Sisters with Flair

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday NAY NAY!

When I think of sisters with flair, this jacket on my sister is what I visualize. It's taking the boring daily chores of life and doing them wearing a funky apron, a fabric flower broach, a funky ring and maybe some high heel zebra shoes. Well, maybe without the ring, you don't want to be a flair whore! This is my sister Renee, she makes AMAZING things and then humbly DOESN'T show them off. She usually wears understated clothes so she doesn't draw too much attention to herself. (hmmmm, does this sound like a complete opposite of someone else?) She just oozes talent! She's an amazing photographer, seamstress, quilter, vinyl board maker, college student, mother of 4 and entrepreneur! So when she told me she found this funky red leather jacket at a resale shop I was SHOCKED when she bought it! Understated Renee? Not anymore- this is FABULOUS Renee! Happy 28th birthday (again) Renee!

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  1. I saw your post on Renee's wall yesterday which brought me to your blog! Renee is awesome! I am amazed by her talent and ability to balance it all! She is one of my favorite people to chat with. I LOVE the jacket as well - she looks amazing.