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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Orange you glad it's Thanksgiving!

I've been DYING to paint my dining room ceiling orange and with 20 guests coming for the big thanks day- we finally got it done! OK- lied about the WE. Just my hubs painted it, which makes me love it more, because I didn't have to do it! Its kind of like the food tastes better when you don't make it. Same goes for painting. I LOVE it!(make sure you sing word LOVE when its in caps, dontcha know) Wish I could get a better overall pic of the room, but this will give you the general idea. Its amazing! I also made my fake canvas' as well. Too cheap to have my pics made into canvas' so I blow up a pic at COSTCO (sing that word as well) and mount it onto canvas using Provo Crafts super tacky tape. That stuff is practically my best friend. oila! A cheap canvas for 8 bucks. $2.99 for the 12x12 pic and $5 for the canvas. Gotta love that!

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