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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Surprise Party

M is 8!! I had so much fun throwing her a surprise American Girl Formal Dinner Party. We all dressed up in our fanciest clothes and everyone brought their favorite doll. I made pretend food for the dolls out of colored foam squares and made M's favorite dinner (China Food) as she refers to it. We had orange chicken and rice, with some side dishes and sparkling cider with goblets. We had a fashion show with the dolls and they got to walk the runway, then off to a photo shoot with their dolls. Then we made a craft, I had already made flower clips out of organza for the girls and their dolls so we made a tile with ribbon to hang their clips from. The party was a success because at the end of the night I heard M tell her little sister that "it was the best day of my whole entire life!" The best part about it was that for the first time EVER I had as much fun at the party as the girls did! 8 year old parties are WAY more fun than 5 year old parties!

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