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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Party like its your Birthday!

K is ONE! I just had to do something for his birthday. I mean, its amazing these little babies survive their adoring older siblings hugs and kisses and walking around holding them like they do their dolls! We've avoided choking on barbie shoes and falling down stairs (well only a few stairs). And I can't forget electricution, this baby is obsessed with outlets and plugs! I can't quite decide what to get him for his birthday, a garbage can filled with empty waterbottles and pop cans, a toilet with fresh water or outlets. He just loves them all, what should I do? So here's to my baby, not just turning one, but avoiding 911 and the ER for one whole year! "Mother of the year award? Oh, you're too kind!"

Party supplies brought to you by my sista's with flair. Cupcake toppers by Renee. Clothespins with vinyl for each month & Bib provided by mandycakes.

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