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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

super sappy gift ideas

I love sentimental gifts.  The ones you give and the receiver starts to tear up a little.  You know what I'm talking about!  The perfect gift- it's my obsession to find.  I'm in love with memories.  I feel desperate to make and keep them for my family.  So hear are some gift ideas I've been collecting- maybe you could use a little gift inspiration.....

super cute book idea and image found here

Seriously?  How stinkin' adorb is this idea?  Of course the fun typography, amaze balls pictures and bold colors don't hurt either.  This screams ultimate gift hands down.

And along the same lines is a Father's day book found here 

This Father's Day book is way cuter than the schlumpy one I've been doing and adding to in the past.  But I'm still grateful for my schlumpy one with all its funny kids comments.  I've also seen a book where you ask the kids 20 questions each year on their birthday and make it into a book.  Love that idea!

And because I love photos (obviously!) and the huge sentimental feelings they create I have to include more ideas of what to do with your treasured family photos.

This image is from Martha Stewart.  No instructions were included but I assume a little mod podge magic and an old tray or jewelry box could be used to recreate this.  I love using old family photos.  Of course don't use the original!  Scan and print first peeps!

And I'm dying to somehow recreate this bench you know, for under the $2300 british bucks this cost.  But isn't dreamy?  You can customize it with any quote.  I'm thinking of maybe a painted version obviously.  But something with beautiful quotes has to be top on top gift giving list.  Love sentimental, perfect quotes.

If you have a cajillion dollars go to this site and you can buy it!  And then call me, cause I'd love to be friends! :)

And if you have a budget more like me and like funny sayings here's another idea.  My mom will totally appreciate this one:

found here with this etsy seller

But if you don't have time to take amazing pictures and make a book or scroll saw a bench poem or mod podge a tray or embroider a hank hill quote, here's some fun gift box ideas.  I think gift baskets have come a long way from smoked sausages and cheese.  Here's some hipper ideas:

This girl has tons of great ideas for gifts and I love anything that fits into a fun jar.  Go here to see more fun!

I love this fun little suit case filled with colorful cupcake supplies.  Go here to find all her gift ideas for under $5!  I've seen sunshine in a box ideas where everything is yellow and brightens someones day or even ice cream sunday kit in a box with fun cones and ice cream scooper and great toppings.  Mmm.  Love!  But for your more practical friends (aka: me!)  I love the idea of fun wrapping supplies or party supplies as a gift.  Who doesn't love super cute paper products??  There! You have my ideas or the ones I stole and hopefully will make.  I may have blogged a few of them before, but only because they are super awesome and I apparently need to put these ideas to use!


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