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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011- Crafty dreams

So I know I was going to be completely blissful this 2011 and not want anything more but just enjoy what I have. Um, that totally lasted like a day and I've moved on to my more greedy self. Is it really that bad to want something if you intend to create it yourself? I say no and I win! I'm happiest when I am able to create. My husband is happiest when he gets to use his arsenol of tools. Win, Win! Here are some projects I'm dreaming of.

Homemade light fixtures. I know my mason jar chandelier wasn't the best experience to install but I still believe that lighting is WAY over priced and I need to figure out a way to replace every lighting fixture in my house. This reclaimed wood fixture is a beauty!
This old mirror with writing on it is to DIE FOR! I love quotes and any artwork that incorporates quotes is a winner winner!

I totally need to make one or 10 of these. They are perfect for a side table for couches or kids bedrooms. I've even seen some with shorter legs for pet beds. Seriously, the person who thought of these should receive an Oscar or crown or something!

These clipboards will be perfect for my daughters growing artwork gallery in her new bedroom. Plus I'm pretty sure they'd hold her giant collection of accessories as well! Got to find super cute hot pink paper. (Image by Martha Stewart)

Something about a grouping of nine makes me happy. I love symmetry. I also love a little chaos too- go figure. I keep thinking about this set of numbers and I'm pretty sure I will have a grouping of 9 of something in my home by the end of the year. I also love this color combo. It reminds me of fall, which also happens to be my favorite season.

This is what's on my mind for the near future. No more yucky carpet. I will have to be more careful on the stairs though, since I'm the most accident prone in the house!

I've convinced the hubs on the staircase, but haven't yet dropped the bomb on the rest of my projects. I know he's gonna love my vision, he always gets this cute glazed eye, deer in the headlight, eye twitching, head spasm, completely lost look in his eyes when I describe my crafty dreams. I know that look means he totally wants to help because he's completely enamored by my excitement. :) Did I tell you that 2011 is going to be a year of blissful denial too.
What's on your crafty agenda?

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  1. Andrea, I have the same dream for my stairs. I had showed Kevin a picture of a stair case almost identical to this a few nights ago. Get rid of the carpet on them and put on hardwoods and the exact same look for the siding going up. HAHA! He just nodded his head like "Yeah sure." BUT I hate the carpet in this house and slowly it will dissapear too. HAHA! (*Evil snicker and laugh.)