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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just let me sleep, people!!

So, our Valentine's photo shoot didn't go too well. Apparently stuffing m&ms in a certain 2 year old's mouth every other shot didn't work too well. I think I'll be able to use a picture where he's crying, but it actually looks like he's laughing. Maybe I can edit out the tear coming out of his eye? Maybe??
Anyway, let me get on with my semi-boring post, but it has been such a lifesaver for me. First of all, let me make a confession: I LOVE NAPS! No seriously, since my first son was born, I have taken a nap almost every. single. day. No joke. It is awesome. So when baby #2 was born (2 months ago today!) I knew that giving up a nap would be a humungo sacrifice for me, and not a sacrifice I'm willing to make. It seems like about the same time Max came into the picture, Zeke decided that he'd rather play in his room for 2 hours than take a nap. Thank goodness the kid absolutely will not leave his room when I put him down, but call me crazy, I'd rather have a rested kid at the end of the naptime. Enter: black out curtains. In the new bedroom (that I'm still working on) I kept thinking I would create some great curtains that would look sleek and modern and that I could make myself, but that dream died when I hit Target. I got this set of curtains for $15. I just hemmed them myself so they'd just brush the bookshelf, then I sewed blackout fabric to the back of the curtain panels, and presto-chango, it makes the bedroom super-dark for naptime. BTW, you can find blackout fabric at most fabric stores, I got mine at Hancock. First naptime came and he fell asleep within half an hour. Which means that I can put the baby down for his nap and then quietly retreat to my bed for my sacred naptime. Ahhh. Know the feeling? No more hearing him get up on top of his bookshelf and yelling at the dog he can see outside- "Hon-eh, Hon-eh!" That's the dog's name. Honey. That's a whole other story...


  1. Oh, you are amazing, I think this is why I am scared for #2. Cute Valentine

  2. I love the Valentine picture with both of them crying. That is hilarious!