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Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Fav Posts of 2010

Another year has gone by and you know what? I'm not too sad about it! I used to wallow in my own self pity of my children growing up too fast or time moving too quickly. But I'm learning to not rush life and really enjoy each phase I'm in. So when it passes, I'm not aching that I didn't enjoy it enough. It's a process though, I have to remind myself on a daily basis to hug the kids tighter, acknowledge their concerns (more like dramatic reinactments) and not wish for them to be independent or less needy. I'm telling myself to just enjoy this life and not wish for anything more. I will NOT be making a New Years Life filled with wants and must haves this year. (Probably a total lie, but aren't all New Years resolutions?) Instead, I'm looking around me and being grateful for everything I have. With that mushy stuff behind me, I will now tell you my top 10 fav posts of last year- In no particular order, drum roll please.........

Number UNO: Turquoise & metallic striped bathroom. Forgot to take a picture before I painted the boring white walls and added the turquoise frame. It still needs new light fixture and faucet and counter top and floor. But PAINT made a BIG difference!

Numero 2. Mandy's ABC quilt. The fact that she made a darling quilt for a friend is impressive. I would start one with good intentions, never finish it, and then mom would come in and take pity on my half done project and finish it for me. Then I would decide that it was WAY TOO MUCH work and keep if for myself! But that's just me...... Mandy is the nice one.

Number Tres: Mason Jar Chandy- This project still haunts me in my sleep because of the legistics of shoving 21 wires into a small metal ceiling canister (whatever it's called). I didn't do it, my hubs did and I really felt for him!

Number Quadre: Peg board love- Isn't this perfect for a little boys room? I think it's difficult to find hip things for younger boys. Decor for boys tends to be cheesy or infantile for say a cool 8yr old boy. My sisters peg board hipped-out(I heart blog vocabulary) the room and mad a perfect spot for your child's newest artwork.

CINCO: Master bedroom makeover- Umm..... lame, uninspiring, blah, snooze. Ahhhh, peaceful, calm, a bit more personal and a lot more me!

SIX: Modern Quilt- So I don't know what happened. My mom makes amazing quilts. My older sis makes amazing quilts like this one below. And my lil sis makes cool quilts. What happened to me? I've got to figure this out, because I'm itching to do something like this one for my little boy when he transfers to a twin bed. Isn't this SA-WEET!

Lucky Number 7: Dresser makeover. The picture says it all. Bliss, happiness, punch ya in the face with color, squeal!!!!! Why does this dresser makeover make me so happy? Because it's over!!!! Painting & sanding projects are my least favorite to do but most favoritest to look at!

OCHO: Woodwork artwork- This is a masterpiece in scroll saw magic and sheer patience! You win the award Mandy & hubs! It is gorg!
Nine: These buckets look so cute on shelves to catch knick knacks. I could definitely use some to hold the 100 matchbox cars I find throughout the house. I love that Renee made these and used them as her gift bag for baby gifts. Super cute!

Number TEN: My favorite wreath of all time. The Ruffley wreath! Mandy cut out 300 felt circles by hand! and sent them to me as a birthday gift so I could make my own beloved wreath. Sigh, I just love ruffles. Another sigh, I really love turquoise. Join together now for a super blissful sigh of sheer happiness, and you just made the purtiest reef you ever did seed! Mandy also made one for my parents front door for my lil brother's wedding. Deep plum. It was just as fantastic! So there you have my top 10 fav posts. Now I'm moving on to 2011 and the possibilites of makeovers and re-do's and upgrades and crafty bliss. Watch out hubs, you got a major TO-DO list coming up!

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