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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love is all you need

Can I just tell you how I heart Valentine's day? No, seriously, I think a holiday dedicated to forcing people to show their love for eachother stinkin' rocks. Otherwise how else would we get through the torture called winter? Maybe I just feel that way because I live in one of THE coldest places in the continental united states. Just sayin'. One thing that I love almost as much as V-day is free crafts. Well, practically free. Ok, I guess it's just free for me since I have awesome parents. Mom and Dad brought me this old window with some vinyl saying on it for Christmas. Love it. (Apparently I love a lot of things) So I just scraped off the old vinyl and with my vinyl cutter (that mom also gave me- love her!) I cut this sign. Really it was just the first love quote that came off the top of my head. Didn't it turn out cute though? And also, I guess I really love those cinnamon hearts that were in the jar that I told my husband were for decoration only and then proceeded to consume 3 at a time everyday while he was at work this week. Oops. I love him too. Alrighty, now I'm making you sick with all my love... chao.
PS Happy big 4-0 to Annie's hubby today! Oh yeah, he definitely robbed the cradle:)

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  1. What a FuN idea for V-Day! Thanks for sharing! BTW...I featured it here:

    Thanks again! :)

  2. Yes!!! This is AWESOME! I love it. My husband is a GINORMOUS Beatles fan. He approves any and ALL decor including their lyrics. So I try to incorporate them any time I can. Hmmm....maybe I just found a new one? So cute!

  3. You are too funny! The vinyl looks great in the window - a very versatile design element!

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