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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Boy's Room

Mandy here. I know, I know. It's been a while. I've been working on creating this little miracle here. I guess that was about 5 weeks ago. Man, babies are a LOT of work. You kinda forget about that. So, excuses, excuses. I might as well keep going. I haven't ever posted my older son's room, which is now the baby's room. I did make a few changes, so there are some before and after pictures.

I made these curtains. Easiest thing ever. I found all the fabric for the room online.

This is the room before, when it was Zeke's room. I made the bumper pads using those bumper pad fillers you can buy at the fabric store. Instead of piping along the top, I used jumbo rick rack. (My mom made that adorable quilt hanging over the bed, isn't she the best?)

Here's a lovely blurry picture of the new crib. Gotta love when the old crib is recalled at the same time you're pregnant with the second. It worked out pretty nice since the two year old really made a mess of that first crib.:)Oh, and yes, my mom made the new quilt hanging over the bed for Max. Seriously, our mom is FABULOUS!!

Here's a little vinyl magic and I added some pictures(these are actually pictures of Zeke, but these boys really look a lot alike!) Don't worry, I ordered more pictures today!

And one more pic of the bed. Ok, now time to feed, change, rock, repeat. The story of my life. Love it. Seriously.:)


  1. I love the new crib- so modern! You have got to blog the quilt, I'm dying to see more of it. Very cute!

  2. Thanks for posting a pic of the new little one, I was hoping you were going to. The picture is so cute, congrats!