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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

I'm not a huge fan of rainy, windy days over here. It drives me bonkers to not go outside- let me rephrase that- it drives my little Z bonkers to not go outside. He wants to go play with the dog (did I mention we just got a dog- yikes). So for days like this, my favorite diversion is good old finger paint. My little man is not quite ready to having a pile of paint and put it on the paper himself yet, so I help him out and squirt it on myself. We talk a lot about the colors while we're doing it, but so far he's only saying "boo." And have you gotten yourself some of these smocks from IKEA? I think they were $5 for 2. Awesome. And they wash up easy peasy.

Mom's attempt at containing the mess

Loving it!

Our finished products! BTW, I totally recommend this crayola washable fingerpaint because it really washes off so easy and we haven't had it stain anything yet. Even the red washes off skin pretty well.

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  1. I totally recommend that paint! And I love the smock idea- gotta get me one of those!