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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Super-power Wish

Lately, time seems to be flying whether I’m having fun or not. My To Do list only seems to grow longer everyday and I’m sure many of you feel the same. That started me thinking, what could I do to accomplish more in a day.

Nearly two years I was at a woman’s activity that involved a getting to know you game. A basket of random questions was passed around and our friend Andrea, who always looks amazing, grabbed the question “If you were a super-hero, what magic power would you want to possess?” Without hesitating, Andrea said she’d want to be able to just blink her eyes and she’d be ready for the day. Frankly, I thought she might be a little crazy, I could think of tons of super-powers I’d want to have. The more I’ve thought about it (and obviously I’ve thought about it over the years) I realize Andrea really was onto something. Literally she’s saved hundreds of wasted hours a year.

So now I’ve decided if I ever get a chance to choose one super-power I’m totally copying Andrea’s idea. In the meantime I’ll just keep adding to my never-ending To Do list.

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