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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABC's of Sunday

Tired of me complaining about the pains of entertaining an almost two year old during church? Well quit reading now!! It's not surprising that I'm endlessly looking for quiet entertainment to fill 70 minutes every Sunday, so here I go again. I couldn't resist making this awesome little "ABC's of Sunday" book when I found this link. This blog Oopsey Daisy has created this AWESOME link for us all to enjoy and I made mine RIGHT after I found it! Let me fill you in on a little tip for you who decide to go ahead and make this. You have to convert PDF files to jpg and she suggests you use photoshop. Well, I'm way behind the times and don't have photoshop, so the hubby converted the files for me by using That was awesome to have that option. Then I just uploaded to and printed. Love it, and there are a couple pages where you use family pics and my little guy goes CRAZY over that. Papa, Papa, Papa. His favorite word. Anyway, hope you love this as much as I do. Here are a couple pics from my book!


  1. Ok- I've been wanting to make one. You didn't by chance print 2 of everything did you? You know, for your lazy but super awesomest sister.