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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dress dillema

I need help! I am so excited my little brother is getting married in August. He is marrying an amazing girl & I'm so excited for them. My family should be in the wedding business with all the talent that's oozing from everyone. (I however, am only good at offering unnecessary opinions) But just the same, I love love love dreaming about weddings! My oldest brother is catering the wedding, his food and presentation is amazing. I even had caviar at Mandy's wedding & liked it! (and that says alot) My parents home is an amazing historic colonial home where the reception will be. All of us three girls had receptions there. My mom is fabulous with center pieces, & table cloths & flower arrangements. My little brother sings and plays guitar & I love his song lyrics! My sis-in-law is a really creative photographer & I can't wait to see the photos from this day. It's going to be perfect........ if I can find the right dress! Help me! I hate dress shopping, it's beyond awful! Why can't someone design a dress that makes me look 10lbs lighter so I don't have to eat right and excercise? I mean honestly, is that too much to ask? Here are the dresses I've narrowed it down to. Please vote for your favorite & help me in my dress dilemma, I don't want to be the dud in the family!

#1- From Down East Outfitters
#2- Ann Taylor- with a shrug
#3-Ann Taylor, also with shrug

#4- Shabby Apple- this is their wedding color

#5- Also from Shabby Apple

So leave a comment, vote for your favorite and help me decide. Pretty please!


  1. I love all these dresses. Especially all the embellishments on them, so cute. My vote is gonna be #3 or #5, mainly because they look like they will be the most slimming, without having to do the whole exercise thing:-)

  2. One of the Shabby Apple ones! I love the color, and they look slimming and cute- plus, you won't have to bother with the shawl!

  3. I am for #5...Hope to see both receptions. We will be late to Avery's because of a big commitment.

  4. My vote is for number 1 or number 5. They will look great on you - now please find something for me!

  5. I agree with your mom, number 1 or number 5 :)