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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rainy Summer Day Ideas

So we got on our swimsuits the other night and just as we were walking outside to go swimming we had a major down pour! The girls were so upset (as if they never go swimming or something)! That's when I realized I need some major back-up plans ready to go when my great ideas are a bust. Here's a few easy last minute ideas I came up with. So, hopefully you'll be able to avoid a "this is the worst day of my life!" meltdown when your plans go awry!

#1- Puddle jumping. Taylor became masterful at this!

#2- Blowing bubbles. Believe it or not, we actually let the kids blow bubbles in the house when it's raining or just too hot. I have them do this on a towel or even in my master bath tub.

#3- Straw & cotton ball races- Grab some straws and some cotton balls or even tiny rolled up paper. Mark a starting line and finish line and have them blow thru the straws to push the cotton ball to the end. With all the blowing, you're kids will be passed out on the floor asleep by the end. Not that it's my goal or anything (wink, wink).

#4- Hula hoops. They are a great way to burn energy & there are so many uses for them. We turn on the music and dance with them or use them as part of an obstacle course. Tossing bean bags into it from different areas in the room or I sometimes find them using hula hoops as a form of jail. I don't understand why this is so funny to my kids but hopefully it's not a precursor to their teenage years!

Hopefully this gave you a few ideas for you to keep on the back burner when you show up for free bowling at Strikz and it's a 1.5 hour wait & there's no way you're sticking around for it & you leave with sobbing children. Not that it happens to me or anything (wink wink).

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