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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Award and Mandy Cakes Birthday!!!

First of all. It's Mandy's birthday! Happy b-day mandy cakes- wish I could bring you a tasty treat. And maybe some chicken noodle soup! I'm sorry you're sick on your b-day. I'm even more sad that I can't see you, and play with you on your birthday. Only 14 days until we see eachother! Can't wait girly! But on a good note we received this award. Did you know there are blog awards? I learn something new everyday about blogs! And it's on your birthday....... a little b-day present award! So onto the acceptance speech.........

WOW! A blog award? For little ol' us? Thanks Blackberry Vine for giving us the award! So I guess the deal is that we say a little bit about ourselves and send the award on to 10 other blogs we really like. It gives you the chance to check out some blogs that we stalk and see what we're reading to inspire us. So if you end up on our blog list, you are nominated for versatile blogger award. The guidelines for accepting the award are.... thank the person/people who gave it to you(that's us!) Share 7 things about yourself. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers, whom you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic.

7 Things about me: Annie Lane. Just one of the 3 sisters (I typically describe myself as the fun one, but since it's Mandy's birthday today, she can be the fun one. I guess that just leaves me to describe myself as the pretty one, or the smart one. I don't know which to choose. They are both so accurate...... Ok- I guess you've got me figured out by now. I'm the sarcastic one.)
1. Photography- I love how happy I feel when I walk into a room and have beautiful pictures of my family blown up on display. I love catching their quirky personalities & displaying them like artwork.

2. Pet peeve of mine: People brushing their teeth and talking to me at the same time. I have a really strong gag reflex and you will see me dry heave. It's attractive, believe me.

3. Coke zero. It's amazing. The end.

4. Loud shoes. I love to wear flair on my feet. Shoes never make me feel fat. They never tell me to stop eating desserts. They just let me shove my feet into them and feel pretty. And yes, I definitely sacrifice cute for comfort!

5. Judge Judy should be President. I guess Bert would be her VP! While I don't always agree with her.......... her wisdom is astounding! She gives great advice and is an amazing author. How can you not love someone who has written a book titled "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!" Or my personal favorite quote is, "Beauty fades but dumb is forever!" Gotta love that chick- I'd love to give her some items of flair to wear though. Jazz up her dicky & robe.

6. Chocolate. How can I mention 7 things about myself and not mention my love of chocolate? I would've made this number one on my list but I was trying to sound less overweight-ish. Let's just say........we're involved! I owe this obsession to my mom, I'm pretty sure she had a chocolate IV drip at the hospital when I was born. Or maybe it was her way of sending us to bed with a cupcake wrapper filled with m&m's at night. We did go to bed quite easily after that. She's a genius. And an enabler!

7. I'm not a perfectionist by any means. I'm too lazy to be a perfectionist! I think this is why I get as much done as I do, because I really don't care about the details. I just want it done! When it comes to my photography and editing pictures- I have to throw this mentality out the window. Otherwise, my clients end up with big ol' zits in the middle of their forheads without me noticing (sorry shawn). This is also why I'm not a good seamstress. I once duct taped pajamas that I tried to make for a youth group fashion show. Duct tape was easier than trying to thread the dang sewing machine! Sewing straight lines are way overrated!

So now you know 7 (quite random) tidbits about me. Onto the blogs I stalk & heart! Check them out and you will see why I heart them. In no particular order......

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