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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip Time!

I'm scared peeps. I'm packing for a two week, two family reunions, 20 hour road trip with 3 children. In my mind its gonna be brutal. A one year old who can't be bribed with movies. Two VERY dramatic little girls who complain. Alot! (I have no idea where they get it from because I obviously NEVER complain) My husband who is the most patient man you'll ever meet, will wear earplugs the whole time, just to avoid ripping his own ears off with all the noise. No, this just won't do. I want to go to my happy place instead. I have a dear friend who has a much more peaceful outlook on road trips. I am going to try to take on her approach. Instead of sheer boredom I will have wonderful conversations about interesting topics with my husband. The children will giggle and sing songs and try to get truckers to honk their horns. Meanwhile I'll pretend I'm at a spa, I'll paint my toe nails and put on lotion. All while enjoying 20 hours of NO housework, NO dishes, No laundry, No cooking meals & cleaning the kitchen. Ah yes, my extensive drive will actually be part of the vacation and not some kind of awful torture where I contemplate having my husband leave me on the side of the road and hitch hike my way to an airport. Yes, it's a mind game. I' m good at mind games, after all I'm a mother! (How else do I get them to make their beds, eat their veggies & share?) The children will be happy and content. We will play games and nap and eat dainty little cookies and exotic fruit while sipping fresh raspberry lemonade. Ok, that may be a little far stretched, it's more like oreo's and capri suns. Here are a few products I bought to hopefully pass the time and feel a little less like we're sitting in a 5ft by 10ft moving prison cell! (I don't understand why my girls are dramatic, it couldn't be from me?)

Match box cars to bribe my 20 month old. I figure if I leave them in their package he'll eat up 20 minutes of time just trying to open it. Nice huh, but brilliant!

Color Wonder paper with it's own flat drawing surface. Mess free too!

Neck pillows for everyone. The kids will feel like their carseats are more like beds. That's the hope anyway!

This turtle station is going to be used for the baby so he has something to drive his cars on. I wonder if this could entertain him for 17 hours?

Then of course, I will also have a backup plan, which will consist of dramamine, chocolate, earplugs and plenty of candy to bribe the kids with. Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas and wish me luck! I won't be blogging again til AUGUST!

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  1. Ok I'm gonna tell you my best kept vacation secret, because I believe in the sanity of mommies. PIPE CLEANERS.

    Even one year olds can make mommy a pipe cleaner animal.....use them everywhere...then throw them away! I but them at the dollar store. Quiet, inexpensive....relatively harmless. Especially great for plane rides, not that I have the $ for plane rides anymore, but I do take a 19 hour van ride myself. I buy a BUNCH. Have a great vacation!