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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watermelon woes..... no more!

Have you ever been really excited to bite into a juicy watermelon & it's flavorless? It's red, it's sticky- but it's blah! What a disappointment! This girl knows what I mean....

My quest for the perfect watermelon begins in June. I love cold watermelon. Here's a few tips to get the perfect one.

1. Look for a yellow belly. Watermelons do NOT ripen anymore after they are picked, so if they're picked too soon there will be no flavor! We can't let that happen!

2. Thump for hollowness. This is tricky, but a good watermelon will sound hollow.

3. Look for bee stings or sap at the end of the watermelon. These are hard to find, but if you do- it should be good!

4. If you end up with a tasteless watermelon, sprinkle crystal light on it. It gives it quite the kick and it takes a blah watermelon to finger lickin' good!

I hopes these tricks help you pick out your next juicy watermelon. Make sure you take pictures of your kids (and maybe yourself) enjoying this messy treat! Happy 4th of July friends! Hope yours is filled with family, friends, food & fun!

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