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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peg Board Wall Art to the Rescue

Standard bulletin boards do a great job of organizing and displaying photos, artwork, calendars, you know, all that stuff that left alone turns into what my husband calls my “vertical pile.” The thought of putting a standard bulletin board in the little boys’ room had me paralyzed with fear. Have you ever stepped on a push pin with bare feet? Trust me, the curse words start flying (umm, don’t worry mom, it’s like the f word you taught us…frugal (yep, that’s it frugal…)).

To avoid the previously mentioned embarrassment and add a little visual coolness to the color pallet, I opted for a gray pegboard and regular elastic. This way, the boys’ can add and change their own artwork and I can still tuck them in at night without fear. An added bonus to this project was the minimal cost. Lowes Hardware sells the pegboard in this perfect shade of gray saving me the cost, time, and effort of painting it to match. Since I knew the size I needed I had it cut right in the store so it was ready to hang as soon as I got home.

The most difficult part was finding elastic in the right color. After exhausting every option I could think of, I finally wound up buying white and dying it myself. The elastic was then threaded through the holes and knotted in the back. David added a few washers between the pegboard and screws so it doesn’t sit directly on the wall. Now we can also add hooks and hangers at a later date.

pegboard cut to 3’x6’ $16.99
5 packages of white elastic $6
dye $4
misc screws and washers $1.97
hours of organized/pain free entertainment...priceless

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