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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pillow love

Sigh- Don't you just love pretty pillows? They make such a bold statement to a couch or bed. I love how much they can change the feel of a room or add a pop of color. I have tons of pillows to recover and its been awhile since I've made some. These pillows were easy to make thanks to my sister Mandy's tutorial found here. Before I sewed the back flaps of the pillow to the front I decided to make some fun designs. I've been inspired lately by funky t-shirts from Anthropologie & J-Crew. I love the tone on tone look as well. Subtle but with a touch of flair! Here's the two pillows that I came up with today.

This is supposed to be random leaves falling. I pinned them where I wanted them and then sewed them using the sewing machine. Once I had the front of the pillow the way I wanted it, I sewed the back flaps of the pillow on.

This next pillow is a polka dot/ primitive flower look. I chose to hand sew these polka dots on instead of using the sewing machine.

My kitchen which is adjacent to this room is painted a faux dark orange. So I chose to bring some of the orange into this space as well.

The best thing about recovering these pillows was the cost. Free! I used fabric that was left over from my dining room drapes. If I decide to change the color scheme- it's only a matter of changing the fabric. Easy peezy!


  1. Hi there!

    I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award!

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  3. SO cute! i am in love with the j. crew tees also... and the pillow looks just like them! is that darling ruffle pillow the same one from your bedroom makeover? and was it from home goods? i might have to make a trip there on monday... i don't think i can live another day (well, okay 2 days) without a ruffle pillow! :)
    Sarah Rowberry