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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carseat Cover

Well, it turns out that taking 6 credits online right before you have a baby is not such a brilliant idea after all. Hmmm, who knew? But I am determined to get some baby-related projects done before due-day. I started noticing these carseat covers everywhere when my two-year-old was about 6 months old and we didn't really need it anymore. So making one of these has been high on my to-do list. I found an awesomely easy tutorial for making them here. So awesome. So easy. PERFECT baby shower gift.
Since having my first, my family will testify to my being a paranoid germiphobe. Seriously get creeped out by people. And having a winter baby will probably up the anty a little bit. I may start keeping a bottle of hand santizer outside my front door so people can use it on their way into my house. I believe that I single-handedly kept our entire family from getting sick last year at DisneyWorld because I personally gave each person a dollop of heaven each time they came off a ride. And although they rolled their eyes each time they rubbed their hands together, they didn't get swine flu- did you mom?? Ok, anyway, these things are great and will keep people off my baby!!

I used a cute flannel for the outside and then a plain minky for the inside. I figure it will be a bit warmer for winter than a thinner fabic.

(Insert baby here in 7 weeks!)

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  1. I love the fabric- so cute! And yes, you did save us from getting the swine flu! I always clipped hand sanitizer to the carseat handle. Hmmmm..... I wonder where you get your paranoia from?