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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mishaps in cooking......

I had this plan in my head that tonight would be different. I would have a relaxing night. We only had piano lessons that afternoon and we were home much earlier than on our hectic dance/gymnastics nights. Yes tonight would be relaxing. I even told the girls that we were going to have a PEACEFUL evening. When dad got home, we would already be in pajamas, fed & have a few minutes as a family to just relax and play a game. Yes. That was my brilliant plan. My plans are perfect in my head, not so perfect in reality though. So I began making dinner, nothing fancy but something completely out of the norm for me. Tacos with ground beef. Ground beef is rare for me to cook because its just disgusting to watch it cook, and the smell is insulting to my nose. I happened to be on the phone and not paying attention when I coated the cooked meat with Cayenne Pepper instead of Taco Seasoning. I hung up the phone, rinsed the meat several times thru a colander and hoped I hadn't ruined dinner. Then I added the taco seasoning. I didnt want to make the same mistake as before so I put the huge Costco-size container of Cayenne pepper away on the top shelf. Tippy toes, arm extended and POOF! The darn lid wasn't on! The bottle spilled onto my face, up my nose, into my ear, into my mouth, down my shirt & then onto the floor. I had to just laugh. It was ridiculous!
(photos by my almost-as-dramatic-as-me 8 yr old)

So my 8 yr old grabs the camera, because at this point I was still laughing. And closing my eyes, trying to find my way to the sink to dump off remnants of chile dust on my face. Then came the burning! My lips & mouth were on fire! I had to shower and just hang my tongue in running water. After my shower I began to clean up the remnants and that's when my ear began to BURN! It felt like flames coming out of it. And the pain began to get deeper and deeper into my ear canal. Could I go deaf? I called my mom. She didn't know. I tried hubby, not so helpful other than laughing. I called poison control. I thought they got paid NOT TO LAUGH, but that isn't the case. After all was said and done, you can be relieved that my face & mouth are still attached to my head. And I can hear. And YES, I can hear you laughing at me right now. And as Mandy would say after years of watching Full House episodes (I won't admit that I watched them with her), "HOW RUDE!"

Peaceful evening? What was I thinking? There's never a dull moment when there's 3 of us girls in the house and a little boy. Controlled Chaos is the goal tomorrow! What would be the lesson I learn from this experience? Answer: I was right, ground beef is the bane of my existence. Avoid at all cost. That, and I need to pick up more cayenne pepper at the grocery store tomorrow.

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