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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

Well it's been a year folks since our first blog post. I can't believe a year has gone by and Oprah hasn't had us on her show? No calls from Nate Berkus either. Bummer..... good thing my expectations have never been real high or it might be a lame blog birthday! Why did we begin to blog if it wasn't to achieve unrealistic goals of fame and fortune then? Mainly, it's 3 sisters & my parents trying to stay close even though we live half way cross the country from each other. We set goals to try to finish all our lofty projects, we get ideas from each other, and we stay a little sane by having to use our big-girls vocabulary after spending hours a day playing with little ones and singing Dora songs. This is where I come to vent about ridiculously exhausting projects like my mason jar chandelier or my cooking disasters with Cayenne Pepper-facing. It's where I dream of furniture shopping, dress shopping & a little photoshopping. It's where my simple and completely boring (and I'm grateful for boring!) life find a little glamour for just a moment. I feel like my SAHM world is just a little bigger than beyond my fence when I type into this small little blog box. I love you, little blog with our 63 followers. Happy blog-aversary!

So for a real post.... I'm sure you've seen a million of these subway signs around right? Potterybarn has them and my fave store ZGallerie has this one

Well my padres decided to make their own. Cuz my parents are cooler than yours and they do stuff like that......(smiles). So they decided to make one with all the streets they've lived on since they were married. My mom found a piece of thin wood at Home Depot which was 24"x48". My dad made a frame to go around it, cuz he's cool like that too.... and with a little vinyl magic and some paint and sanding they made this little beauty to go in their future ultra-chic living room (which they are making-over as I speak)! I can't wait to see all their details to this room and blog about them. My parents taught me everything I need to know about do-it-yourself-ing. They have reupholstered many a couch, built furniture, painted harliquins on the ceiling, and can tile floors and make concrete counters. Yeah, somewhere between them and the 3 kids before me, I missed out on their talent, but I can brag about theirs! Here is the more personalized and MUCH cheaper version of subway art.

And now I'm off to eat cake wearing my birthday suit. "What? Gross!" You say. Oh, alright I'll wear something else- but nothing in my wardrobe has as much flair as my birthday suit! And when I say flair, I pretty much mean rolls. But lets call them ruffles for today, cuz I LOVE ruffles and ruffles remind me of truffles. Mmmmm, good thing its my blog birthday. Calories don't count on blog birthdays!

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