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Friday, October 22, 2010

I need to getaway!

I know I should be thinking of Halloween right now. I am planning a little Halloween Party for my cute little class I teach at church. 12- 3&4 year olds! I should be planning my son's 2 year old birthday next week (sniff,sniff), a Halloween block party & my daughter's birthday. But those consist of a BIG to-do list. I should be photoshopping the 100,000 pictures on my computer. I wish I was exaggerating on that number but my computer crashed a little bit this week because I hit the maximum capacity for photos. Didn't think that was possible? Me neither! So instead of working on my huge list of projects, I am sitting at the computer listening to Train- Hey, Soul Sister & planning vacations that we'll probably never go on. I'm making a huge bucket list of places to travel "One Day". You know "one day", when I have unlimited funds, time & the kids are grown. I dreamt the other night a client paid me to go to Paris and take some pictures so they could hang them on their wall. Funny thing was, Paris in my dream looked more like Paris, Texas! I need to get out of here. I need to spread my wings and explore and veg and not be on the computer or doing laundry or cleaning bathrooms or cleaning up throw-up. Yeah, this week has been "eventful" & my weekend isn't going to be relaxing either. So I dream. And I plan. And I've come up with the hopefully the easiest Thanksgiving I'll ever have. No cleaning & cooking & home renovation projects required.

We are going to Great Wolf Lodge for Thanksgiving this year. They even have a Thanksgiving dinner buffet. I'm sure the food won't be anything to brag over, hopefully it will be edible. (I typed in the code HOWLIDAYS and saved too!) But the thing is, I won't have to do a thing other than pack a swimsuit. No cleaning for hours before and hours after the dinner. No going to 3 different grocery stores to find all the ingredients. No waking up at 5am to get the turkey in the oven. No, I will sleep in. I probably won't even do the girls hair. (If you know me, you know that their hair is AWFUL to do & not doing it is almost like a vacation!) I will simply pack swimsuits & maybe a couple of toothbrushes and some flip flops and get in the car for a 20 minute drive. Interested in an easy non-traditional Thanksgiving? Wanna come? I'll see ya there! It's no Paris, Italy or even Disney World, but it's an easy getaway that I can do without making a million lists and a million trips to various stores & spend packing & doing laundry for 3 days. Yes, I need to plan more little getaways, because waiting 6-10 months for a single BIG getaway is just way too long! So watcha doing for Thanksgiving?

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