Sisters with Flair

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MY new rug

So the bland, predictable, indecisive person in me won the latest decorating battle. But at least the battle is over! After 8 long, slippery, cold months, we finally got a rug for the living room. It was high on my "to get" list before baby comes. So here's the before of my living room. It was definitely missing something- although leaps and bounds from the wall to wall carpeting we had prior.

And here's the after! Doesn't it just make the room so much more warm and inviting? Hubby wasn't understanding why we would do all the work of putting that floor in to only cover it up with a rug (men, sheesh:), but I'm just thrilled with it. Even if it isn't quite the floor flair Andrea's got going in her living room. But I can't copy her on everything, I suppose.

I am also THRILLED with the fact that I picked it up from Home Depot online and got a stellar deal on it. Paid about a third of what I had expected to fork out for a new rug. Sweet.


  1. It looks great! My friend just got a similar looking one for her nursery and I love it. Is it as soft as it looks? I need one for my bedroom!

  2. Mandy - I totally just ordered it. Impulse buy, maybe?? When I saw it shipped for free, I just couldn't help it!!

  3. looks great- even more though, I love the pop of color that table runner brings!

  4. What a huge difference it makes! I love it! Your room looks fabulous with the turqoise accents and the lime green drapes- very chic!