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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

So I've been taking a couple online classes, like I've said and I've been learning a lot in my nutrition class. I've always tried to make our meals pretty balanced, but let's face it, we're not "salad people." Veggies always seem like a burden to eat, so I usually only buy my standard go-to vegetables: bell peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots. I rarely verge outside those lines. Sad, I know. I've had friends telling me all year how I need to order a bountiful basket every week and how good of produce you get for only $15. Sounds great, but they only have a short ordering window every week and I would always forget. Well, last week, I remembered and I got my first basket. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I planned my meals according to what veggies I needed to use up and we were eating so many more than we ever eat. Fruit has always been easy for us to go through, but it was so awesome to get all this produce for so cheap! Their website says that you're saving $35 a week in produce by contributing to this co-op.
Ok, so here's what you do, go onto their website and see if they have your town in the system, then order sometime between Monday night and Tuesday night (order early because they run out) and then pick up the produce at the designated time on Saturday. I mean, seriously look at all the food that I got this week and tell me you could buy that at the grocery store for fifteen bucks. What was that? You can't? I KNOW! Ok, so off you go to their website. Don't forget Mandy sent ya!


  1. This is awesome- cheap AND healthy! My sis in law in Idaho uses it- we don't have it though! You'll have to post any great veggie recipes you use!

  2. I was amazed by the quality, I can't wait to do this every other week (that's what's available in our area). Thanks for telling mom about it~!