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Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I heart.....

Do you go to sleep everynight dreaming of furniture and decorating? Is that weird? Cause if it is, I totally don't do that. I've practically redone every room in my house when I had my house painted. But its the accessories I can't ever get right. And the accessories are what make your room go from nice to FABULOUS! Even though I have most major peices of furniture these are some of the items I may (or may not) go to sleep dreaming about.......

(image from Restoration Hardware)

Don't you just love the world war II look that they've come out with recently? It makes my heart skip a beat. sigh.........

I can't remember where I saw this bedside beauty. But I dream about a metallic or mirrored side table every time I look at my wood one with a cup stain.

(image by z gallerie)
Lighting should be BLING! I want a whole house lighting makeover and I would begin with this gem. I don't even think it matters where I'd put it. It would be spectacular!

(image by Restoration Hardware)
This industrial desk has my heart all over it. I'm blowing kisses to you right now you vintage reproduction of a France mail desk. You are smokin'!

(Z gallerie again)

Having a "feeling fat day"? Um, I don't think so. This chair makes you look hotter just chilaxin in it! I wonder if I could bring it to my next doctor appt when they weigh me and frown? Seriously I quadruple heart pass you turquoise leather chair. I want you to be my fourth child because you cost more than my 3rd. Another long sigh.
Another Z gallerie image. But this orange pillow stands for everything I believe in. Orange, ruffles & bold. You make any room pop with this accessory.

And last but not least. What began my recent obsession (ok I've been possessed) with industrial glam. Industrial Glam? Did I just coin a new design phrase? I don't know, but that totally sounds like my style! These chairs are seriously cool from Restoration Hardware. They totally look like fighter pilot chairs and that's just cool. Totally beats your husbands bum-shaped-worn recliner! So there you have it. I pretty much want to marry Restoration Hardware & Z Gallerie and have darling babies named Living, Dining, Bedroom & Office. Sweet dreams my little Indy-glams!

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