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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our B-day Tradition

In honor of my hubster's b-day yesterday I wanted to share our new fav tradition. I found this ceramic cupcake at Hobby Lobby but you can also find it here. I just found a small version of this for valentine's day at Target and picked up some for gifts! In the morning the b-day boy/girl comes down to breakfast and finds this adorable cupcake sitting on the breakfast table. Later that day when they come in from playing/school or work the cupcake is missing and the hunt is on! They search the whole house to find their surprise. In my husband's case, it was homemade caramels that my mom made and shipped from Washington. (Yay for moms!) The hiding place was the dryer, because what husband would look there?! My girls get so excited about this tradition that we had to do it on their un-birthdays too! This is also my new fav b-day present for my friends. Just think of the possiblities. A bracelet, tickets to a concert, a love note & massage gift card. Or even a clue to a big present's hiding spot. So many ways to be creative! I just love cheesy traditions and hope your family will love this one too!

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