Sisters with Flair

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I loved Zeke's baby hooded towels, so when he grew too big for them, I was super bummed. Using everyday, boring towels was no fun, and his head gets cold when he gets out of the shower. Enter my homemade hooded frog towel. Sooo easy to make. I used this website to teach me how. I found a pack of towels at Wallyworld for 7 bucks and I can make another towel from it! I think this would be a perfect gift for $3.50, and it took me about half an hour (tops) to make. My model was NOT cooperating this morning, but you get the idea:)


  1. love it, once again you are so talented!!

  2. I think your's is even cuter than the one shown! Is the mouth felt?

  3. love the mouth on yours what a fun and quick project.