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Friday, January 8, 2010

Think BIG goals

While I realize many people feel New Years Resolutions are very passé I actually look forward to the tradition for two reasons. 1) Because it forces me to look at areas I can improve and 2) because I love to look back and see that I have in fact accomplished something. Our family tries to make the goals do-able and we’ve broken them down into three categories
1.) Improve
2.) Change and
3.) Accomplish

I’ve tried to let my kids set their own goals but when my five year old decided he wanted to “change” the fact he couldn’t drive a car we decided to steer him in the direction of “changing” bikes and learning how to ride a bike without training wheels (whew, we dodged a bullet!).

My “change” this year will trying to decorate with big statements and I think I may already be on the road to accomplishing it with these tree trunks I added to my boring gray wall in my family room this week!

So, to sum it up, some of my attainable goals this year will be:

1.) Improve-my tone of voice. While I love sarcasm, I’ve realized my 15 and 13 yr old just don’t get it.

2.) Change- less conservative and more “BIG statements” this year.

3.) Accomplish- Learn how to speed read

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