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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some people go on vacation, I'm hiding in my closet....

January is so depressing, don't you think? Everytime I talk to a girlfriend on the phone we both feel more depressed after we hang up. It's freezing outside, even in Texas! All the grass and trees are dead. But even worse, it's time to start digging through piles of receipts and figuring out taxes. Yuck! I needed a little pick me up and a fast one! Trying not to turn to my usual comfort of chocolate, I picked cleaning out the pantry instead. It was surprisingly a quick pick me up! So I decided to take on the dreaded entry closet. Then, I felt pretty brave, and still had another 40min before the baby woke up from his nap so I took on the mother of all messes, my closet! It is such a great feeling to accomplish something. So when I look outside and get depressed I can open up my closet and take a minute vacation with my eyes. Maybe stare at my beach bag and sunhat and pretend I'm lying on the beach with a (non alcoholic- but don't tempt me after today!) pinacolada. With my luck, one of the kids would come in and find me laying on the floor in my closet and call 911! A girl can dream though! Hope this inspires you to clean out your closets.

1 comment:

  1. I was so inspired by this that I cleared a walkway to the back of my try to dig out the extra package of Costco t.p. I have buried back there:)

    Seriously, that looks amazing. Now you'll have a nice clean spot to talk on the phone when your hiding out from the kids!