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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby's Room Finale

So we just finished K's room and I'm so excited to be done with it. It's just in time for his 20 month birthday! Pathetic, I know! We cleaned out our craft room and turned it into a nursery right before K was born. With all the painting and "organizing" (aka: shoving all my crafts into 4 different closets) and being 9 months prego- I was exhausted! His room went neglected and unfinished for 19 months. I figured we better hurry and hang everything up before we move him into a real bed and I want to change his decor. I've invisioned this wall of K's for 2 years now. In my mind, it's filled with all sorts of colorful industrial letters found at various flea markets and antique stores. Did you know that the letter K is VERY popular? Well it is- every time I find a vendor who has some vintage store signs- they ALWAYS tell me that they don't have any, and probably WON'T have any. Depressing huh? So here's my make-shift letter K wall. Not quite what I invisioned but I'm pretty sure my son won't care. I've collected as many paper mache and wood K's as I could and modge-podged paper over them. Then, my sister made some vinyl letter k's for me to fill in the empty space. Eventually, I want to find better K's and add to the wall, so for now, it's a work in progress. My husband insisted on making my son a mobile of airplanes before he was born. When I brought home the airplane crib bedding my husband got very excited about the thought of this mobile. I think it finally dawned on him that there would be something more to his life than tutu's, nail polish and purses! I know my baby is awake from his nap when I hear him make the sound of airplanes flying- so cute! Welcome to your finished bedroom K- I'm sure you will grow up to appreciate all the work this entailed and really appreciate the fact I gave up my craft room for you (insert sarcasm). But, you are worth it!
(picture above) This is the wall of K's- a work in progress!

The dresser I just had to buy when I was pregnant with my first child- because I thought for sure I was having a boy! I only had to hold on to it for 8 years!
The mobile my hubs made when he found out I was doing an airplane room.

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