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Sunday, June 13, 2010

book review: the wednesday letters

I'm kind of obsessed with letters. Especially love letters. This book inspired me to continue my love for love! The husband, on his wedding night, writes his first love letter to his wife. He promises that every wednesday for the rest of their lives he will write his bride a love letter. When the couple passes away the children find boxes and boxes of these love letters that they never knew existed. They were able to learn quite a bit about life, love and forgiveness through these beautiful love letters. It was a quick read but has been on my mind for the last week. What will my children remember of me when they've grown up? Will they know how much their parents loved each other? Will they know how much we happily sacrificed for them? What will my legacy be? I want to fill boxes and boxes of love letters over the next 50 years and I think I'll start today! It will be my sunday love letters. Read it when you get a second & maybe you'll be converted to pulling out a pen & paper instead of your only letter being a text messaged grocery list. Not that I do that or anything!

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