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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to fold a shirt

Thanks to Paul, my 16 year old son has learned to do this with a single dollar bill. Here’s the link found from Paul’s photo on flickr so you can see how it’s done. Youtube Video Instructions
Meanwhile, this is his pile of clean tee-shirts. I literally walked into his room and snapped the photo exactly as I found it.
That got me thinking about how long it really should take to fold a shirt and of course I decided to google it. Did you know you can learn to fold a shirt in 2 seconds? This is amazingly easy once you watch the how to video How To Fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds. Of course, for all of you that use “folding laundry” as your excuse to watch trashy tv then this may not be the skill you want to learn. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of all the time that can be saved since 6 people x 7 days =42 shirts. 42 shirts x 2 seconds each = 84 seconds, if I round up that’s only 1.5 minutes to fold all the tee-shirts for a week. Just a thought…

I'm sure one day I'll miss the pile of shirts on his floor, right now it's kind of difficult. At least I can take consolation knowing he's perfectly capable of folding a shirt (and an elaborate one at that) IF he wants to.

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