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Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrity Encounter

Yep, almost killed my computer yesterday. Those virus people are getting better at their "jobs." Thankfully I stopped it before any permanent damage was done. Whew!
Due to Father's Day weekend, I didn't have much time to fit in any crafts to show you, but I thought I'd show you my latest "celebrity" encounter. In the tiny little college town we live in, we rarely have anyone famous come. So when David Archuleta came last week- BIG deal. I was a big fan of his during his season of American Idol a couple years ago, and it turns out he hasn't changed much since. He's still super awkward when he's talking to the audience, but when he sings- wowza, what a voice. A couple days before the concert, an old friend and I decided to go to his book signing. We waited 2 1/2 hours in the blowing cold wind to get his autograph, but it was totally worth it to act like teenagers for an afternoon. We made friends with all the 13 year olds around us and had a great time! Here are some pictures from the two events. Sorry, they're a little out of order.

Here I am getting my book signed by David. I must be hilarious because he managed a bit of a smile on my behalf.

I had to "use the restroom" while standing in line, and he was in the bookstore doing interviews for the local tv stations.

Here we are waiting in the wind. I didn't realize how cold it would be, so I used a baby blanket to keep warm!

Here he is at the concert.

Here's a picture the hubs took of me while I was jamming out to "Crush." SUPER fun night!

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