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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Father's Day ideas

So, I'm still stuck on what to get my dad & hubs for father's day so I decided to check out my favorite site for inspiration. Here are some things that I found on that would be perfect for my dad & hubs. My husband actually made his own pair of these stainless steel collar stays. I had no idea what these were until I saw him torching a spoon & then hammering flat and ground it into the shape and size he wanted. Basically he's MacGyver, and you should just order a pair. Plus you can engrave them!
Have you noticed that most of men's dress shirts in the stores are all cuff linky. Why not get him some funky cuff links. They sell cool lego ones too- even star wars lego cuff links. Just do a search on So many fun ones!

So my hubs thought this ipad would be a perfect mother's day gift for me. He was wrong. So this is HIS Father's day gift. I found this cool docking station made from a log to hide those ugly wires!

How cute would this be to show up for church on Father's Day with a Daddy/Son matching tie set! EEEEK! All the baby boys would be jealous and would say, if they could, "MOM! Why don't I match DAD? NOT FAIR!"

So I saved the best for last. This is for the chocolate/ bacon lovers out there. I've often thought to myself, "hmmm, which do I love more? Bacon or chocolate? But I love both of them SO SO MUCH, my life would have no meaning if one of them were missing!" Thank goodness I don't have to choose anymore- I can have both. AT THE SAME TIME! That's right- if you really love your man, buy him chocolate covered bacon and check it off his bucket list. He can die happy after he's eaten this stuff. All brought to you by Happy father's day hunting!

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