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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father's Day Ideas

I've been on the hunt for cute father's day gift ideas (because the fathers in my life REALLY care about getting a cute gift;) Here's a couple that I'm in the process of working on. Love this pop bottle filled with candy I found here!

Or how about a Super Hero kit?! What a stinkin' cute idea! They have the files all ready to download- so simple, but so cute! Have I said cute enough? I guess I need a new word. Idea found here!

Alrighty, here's where I'm at a stand still. I love making tshirts using vinyl as a stencil and filling in with Tulip brand permanent fabric paint. So fun to personalize. I've been looking for cute Father's Day t shirts, but I've come to the conclusion that perhaps they don't exist. Anyway, still hunting for some ideas, but here's a few shirts I've made in the past for my baby boy.

Hubby LOVES his beard, he's pretty devoted to that dang thing. I mean, look at how happy he is with that beard!! I found this saying and made this shirt for him last year. He wears it with pride! But I know he would NOT wear a #1 Dad t shirt with pride. Any ideas for me??

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  1. What a great find Mandy! I printed the labels off this morning and took the kids to Target to pick out some of dad's favorite treats. The hardest part was finding a box to hold everything, thank goodness for Hobby Lobby.