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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alrighty, tonight's the big night of the baby shower and we are in full crazy mode right now! Add to that Mamma and Daddy Flair coming a few hours after the party ends and you've got one stressed out lady! Yikes, I love a good party, but the day of makes me want to pull my hair out! I feel like banners really make a room feel festive and am so happy Sassy Annie showed me how to make this celebrate banner. Best part is, you can use it for all sorts of occasions; birthdays, baby showers, graduations, happy days, whatever. LOVE that!
To make it you'll need:
9 pieces of cardstock, solid color
9 pieces of scrapbook paper, coordinated (If I do this again, I would use more mellow paper, so the letters stick out a bit better)
Vinyl letters to spell celebrate (or you could use cardstock and cut out your own letters with a cricut)
Hole punch
glue stick
To make:
1. Cut all of the paper into the pendant triangle shape. You'll want to cut the cardstock as large as possible and cut the scrapbook paper a bit smaller so the cardstock will be a border.
2. Glue the scrapbook paper onto the cardstock.
3. Decide the order you'd like your pendants.
4. Place your vinyl on the pendants.
5. Punch holes in the top corners of each of the pendants.
6. Slide ribbon through the holes and tie them all together.
7. Hang up.
8. Grab your husband to have him admire your work!

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