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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Love got to do.....

What's love? It means something different for everyone. Unfortunately for my husband, Love is a TO DO list. In honor of this upcoming V-day I wanted to show you what love means to me. Love is when your wife (name left out intentionally) moans and complains about looking at 10 million toys on the ground and tells her husband she's going to throw everything away if she has to look at another toy!!!! Then, he (husband who is madly in love with smokin' hot wife) magically whips up an amazing cupboard to hide these multiplying barbies and matchbox cars. Here is the masterpiece that I get to look at every day. The knobs are my favorite, I found them in a flea market in Canton, Texas. I love the color too- It only took about $200 in stain, paint, primer and lacquer and around $350 wood. It took him 2 days to build it and 20 days to paint it, wish I was lyin! I tell you, painting is the pits! Everytime I look at this beauty I'm reminded that I am loved. I've got to figure out something equally as cool to give to him. Do you think he'd want a housekeeper and a new dishwasher? :) Happy V-day peeps!

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