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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mustache on a Stick

Valentines is quickly approaching and in the past I’ve spent lots of time creating the kids Valentines to give out at school which usually involves taking pictures, photoshopping and putting together something like this photo card. Time does not seem to be on my side this year, and the little boys are not in love with the idea of being on the Valentine card so I was very excited when I found this idea from blonde-designs (this blog is full of seriously fun and simple ideas to make every occasion special). They were even kind enough to include a template so I could easily create it myself.

The best part was how easy it was to do. All 93 mustache and lips were cut and labels attached with the help of my husband and an episode of 24 and American Idol. I have a hard time sitting still to watch TV (especially during 24) so this was the perfect project. All of the kids loved the idea and are so excited for their parties on Friday.

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