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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

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Yard sales can be a treasure trove if you know what to look for. Add a can of spray paint and that ridiculously cheap find can turn into a one of kind piece that really makes a statement.

Several months ago I found this adorable mirror at a yard sale for $3. While the cheap gold color just wouldn’t suit a 14 year olds room, I knew a can of watermelon pink in high gloss would fit her style. I began by taking the mirror apart, twelve screws in all to avoid having to tape every inch of the mirror. A quick coat of white primer was sprayed on the frame before I set it aside and moved onto another project (which I’m famous for!). Unfortunately it sat in my garage for several weeks until I found it yesterday. The weather has finally begun to warm up a bit and I noticed there wasn’t any wind blowing (perfect spray painting weather). Within 10 minutes the entire frame was coated to a nice high gloss and left to dry in the sun. I popped the mirror in this morning and Madeline will have a nice surprise when she gets home from school today.

Look for items that are in fairly good condition, slight blemishes are ok and usually not noticeable. For instance, there was a slight crack at the top of this mirror but it's nearly underneath the frame and hardly noticeable. The lines of something are really what I'm looking for. I didn't want a plain solid colored edge, I was looking for something that had texture to it. While this was actually made out of plastic it doesn't matter since I knew I was going to be spray painting it a fun color. This had been sitting next to an absolutely gorgeous white decorative wood frame with a price tag of $80 luckily I could see the potential and save myself over $70!

Total amount of time less than hour

Total cost, less than $6

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