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Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey Hottie, Do You Like Nachos?

Since we all know children learn by example, I sometimes wonder just what my children think about love and marriage. I got a little insight a couple of days ago when I found a booklet that my seven year old created in 2nd grade last week. Although this was not intended as a project to include pictures, there were cartoon drawings on every page to illustrate his point.

The booklet was set up with one question and a space to answer on each page. His book goes like this:

Q: What do people do on a date?
A: I think what people would do is KISS!....p.s. it’s disgusting.

Cartoon: A person labeled “dad” and a person labeled “mom” kissing…a boy in the background is yelling “that’s disgusting.”

Q: How do you decide who to marry?
A: I think how I decide is to look at them and think that there is a hottie and then talk to them.

Cartoon: the first frame has two people, both saying “blah blah blah blah blah” and a boy standing off to the side saying “are you going to get married or something?” In the next frame the girl is walking away and the boy has a thought bubble that says “she’s a real hottie.”

Q: How do you make a marriage work?
A: I think you make them laugh or kiss them and give them a ring.

Cartoon: 1st frame has two people, one saying “blah blah blah” and the other person is saying “ha ha ha.” 2nd frame shows two people kissing. The third frame shows a boy giving a girl a huge ring.

Q: Is it better to be single or married?
A: I think I should get married.

Cartoon: 1st frame has a boy saying “do you like nachos? The second frame both people are saying “I do!”

So, to make marriage work we’ve apparently taught our seven year old it involves lines like “hey hottie, do you like nachos? I guess it could be worse. Now I’m feeling hungry, I think I’ll go make some nachos.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. mmmm, nachos, rings, hotties, kissing. Yep! That describes my marriage perfectly!