Sisters with Flair

Sunday, February 21, 2010

photoshop phun!

I am no pro at photoshopping, but I love anything that has to do with photos and shopping. So why not combine the two funnest things in life? I have been taking online tutorials for awhile now and still have tons to learn but thought I'd share some sites that have really helped me get started. I bought some indie actions that I use alot and you can find them here. I also love this free site called coffee shop. I use her golden vintage action the most. But the newest site that I've found that I'm so super excited about is Jessica Sprague. I knew a little about photoshop CS4 but she made it come to life! I just took her photo editing online class for $30 and it was SO WORTH IT! It was easy to follow videos and light reading. Every time I tried to read a photoshop book I'd fall asleep so this was perfect for me. Only took me about 10 min a class and there's 12 classes. Then I'd play for an hour. So fun. I think photoshop makes ordinary pictures look extraordinary. Now, if I could figure out how to take off 20 lbs on all my own pictures I'd be flawnting my own picture all over the house! For the sanity of my family, maybe its best that I don't learn that one!


  1. Oh An, you're so funny! Thanks for the websites, I totally need to work on my photoshop skills! Great job!!

  2. Love her! I've taken 3 of her classes (some for digiscrapping and some for photo editing). She's great! Funny story, we lived in NC for the summer 2 years ago and we moved into her ward. what are the chances?!? My sisters and I were taking one of her classes at the time and I went to church the first Sunday we got there, I look on the program and guess who's speaking?! Jessica Sprague. Small, small world!