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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photo Decor

So anyone who knows me knows how I'm obsessed with pictures. They just make me happy! I know this goes against decorating rules by displaying photos everywhere in my house, but I don't care. I've followed rules my whole life, I'm ready to break some (especially LAME ones!) I'm awful at accessorizing, I feel like every accessory has to have personal meaning or its just a whole lot of crap laying around. Hence, I decorate with photos. It gets kind of boring to have 50 frames hanging around the house, so I've got to get creative in how I display my favorite memories. Here are a few examples of my accessories. I think bedroom doors are unused realestate in most homes. I made a scrapbook page for each child and attached it to canvas using tacky tape and hung it on the outside of their bedroom doors using 3M reusable velcro. I also love huge pictures but they get kind of pricey so I enlarge a photo at costco (20x30 is only $8.99 people!) and then mounted it onto 3/4" plywood using spray mount adhesive. I fill, sand and paint the sides of the wood before applying the picture and always have a friend handy because you need extra hands on large pictures. It's my homemade canvas-looking piece of art for only $20 instead of $180!! My photo accessory I love the most though, has to be an old window I found at an antique store. I had my sister Renee make me a vinyl quote with my favorite song lyrics and I applied to the glass. Then, I blew up some favorite pics and attached with scotch tape. I like to change the pictures often so taping is the easiest solution. So go ahead, break some rules. Decorate for you, not for a magazine. You'll be happy you did! And send me some more ideas while you're at it. My walls will thank you!
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  1. I'm so glad to read this!! I like you am obsessed with pictures and feel that every room needs one...or 10 ;-) I know i love to see all the pictures on the walls at other people's houses. I absolutely love your window idea. Gonna have to keep my eye out for one!!!

  2. Wow...I am totally going to copy you! I am LOVING your faux canvas art. It really does look expensive and professional. GReat job!

    Thanks for linking up with us over at The CSI Project.