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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ready to Pop!

I know, I know. I've missed my Monday blogging, total slacker. Well, maybe I wouldn't call myself that- Dad and I have been very busy with lots of this...

Oh yeah, I'm totally sore. I'll show you the results (hopefully!) next week. I'm totally going against my mom's recommendation to NOT put this picture in. I feel like it makes me seem like a "real" person out in this big bloggy world. But maybe I'll regret this picture after my total exhaustion from working so hard fades away, hmmm.

Alright, so we had the baby shower last week and I thought it was a major success. Of course though, being a new blogger, totally forgot to get pictures during the party, but just imagine that it was beautiful. We decided to go with a "Ready to Pop" theme and drank soda pop, ate jalapeno poppers, peanut butter popcorn, popcorn balls, lollipops, pop rocks, ring pops, Oreo pops (it was all very poppy!) along with fruit, fried cheese balls, and a teeny little vegetable tray. Gotta get our 5 a day! We also had balloons everywhere for extra Pop! Sorry for the lack of pictures, rookie mistake.

So, here are the invitations, I found them on etsy here. I thought they were cute and easy. (This isn't the actual invitation, just the example from etsy) Instead of saying OH BOY! at the top, I had it say READY TO POP! and also, we didn't meet at "The Hunt Club." I don't even know who Stella Gray is anyway.... moving on, I thought the invitation was cute, and, most important to me, it matched the colors.
Here are the Oreo Pops I made. Sounds simple, right. Stick a lollipop stick on an Oreo and dip in almond bark. Easy as pie- or not! Maybe it would've been easy if every Oreo didn't have a major fracture. Not fun, but in the end they look good and we all know that looks are all that really matter. I think they tasted pretty good too. Here's a hint- use double stuffed Oreos, and maybe Popsicle sticks instead.
Again, here's the diaper cake I showed you- I got lazy and just added a little toy on top. Makes it a little bit cuter, I think.

A party is not complete in my eyes without the Martha Stewart tissue balls, found here. I recently taught a bunch of women how to make them, I think they are so fun and make everything really festive. I also thought this white one turned out especially perfect, perfectly round and beautiful. I've still got these hanging in our living room, I think I might keep them up for a while. Mr. Z thinks that they're balloons. They cost about a buck each to make- about the same price as a balloon, but these last longer. Totally tricky to hang though, so I used, guess.... staples. I totally have staples stuck into my ceiling. I tried thumbtacks, but the ceiling was too hard and I just ended up bending a bunch of tacks (and hurting my thumb). Also I used clear thread, but you could also use fishing line to create that "hanging in mid-air"appearance.

So that's all my party pics- I'll remember to take more next party I throw!

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